What we do

Magik Door creates experimental alternative realities using emerging technologies. 

Specialising in 3D sound, we can deliver all the current popular immersive and 3D surround sound formats such as those provided by dome-type speaker arrays or headphones. Additionally, we provide bespoke audio for unusual circumstances – for example, holophonic sounds flying up and down a building or tailored to other unusual site-specific locations. We work with lighting and theatre to create fully immersive and magikal environments, and provide original creative content from scratch or work in with an already existing project providing state-of-the-art audio.

3D sonic art and installations

Our speciality is 3D sonic art installations. As our work is normally site-specific, we have experience working in some of the most demanding conditions in the world, from the humidity of the Amazon rain forest to the soaking British summer.

Interactive objects, spaces and collaborations

We create objects that are capable of manipulating sound in 3D space as well as syncing up with 3D visuals. Use of the Max MSP environment allows us to communicate via OSC to a variety of other software and collaborate with artists working in other environments, such as Unity. We create 3D sound over loudspeakers which can work in tandem with other software packages, such as Touch Designer.

3D sound design

Magik Door creates 3D sound design for many different applications including theatre, games, installations, film, events, and exhibitions.


We create site-specific immersive theatre productions which explore the furthest reaches of the imagination and which often incorporate cutting-edge art and experimental technology. Our audiences are transported to surreal and imaginative worlds which engage all the senses. Sound design can be delivered for your production in the format of your choice (e.g. Q lab).


Magik Door has a fully reconfigurable 3D audio PA for use in festivals. We can spatialise music such as Techno and Dub Reggae, Ambient, Electroacoustic, Noise, Experimental and Classical music in three dimensions creating imaginative and immersive spaces in festivals and for events.

Science and Education

Through the use of 3D audio, we have created installations related to history in museums and biological research in botanical gardens in the UK, Italy, Brazil, Bolivia, Ecuador, and Peru.

3D audio Consultancy

We started working with 3D audio 15 years ago – before it was cool! Ambisonics was our starting point but since then the desire to create ever more immersive environments has led us to explore many different types of spatial audio. These formats include Wavefield synthesis, Vbap, Dbap, Binaural sound, transaural, and many bespoke types of spatialisation that were unexplored such as micro spatialisation.