The Wild Hunt

Halloweden and the Wild Hunt

This covered several acres inside the Eden Project’s tropical biome and was commissioned for Hallowedens “Skate and scream” .
The event was great fun with 1.5 hectares of indoor rainforest filled with creepy noises and about 40 actors who all got well into their roles. Groups of up to 20 people walked through the largest indoor tropical forest in the world in complete darkness. One group was so scared they tried to escape through the fire exit ! Using parts of the previous “Biomes at night”installation as its base much of the original soundscape was stripped out and replaced with more “spooky” sounds. The installation also features various themes from mythology traditionally associated with Halloween such as ” The wild hunt”.




The heart of the installation was piece of live sound and performance art revolving around the myth of Pan and Echo. Actor Graham Naiken dressed as Pan several metres tall on stilts and eerily lit in a forest glade with his vocals processed live with GRM tools made for quite a spectacle – whatever he said was echoed back to the listener from speakers hidden around the bushes and hillsides – just as in the story of Pan and Echo. The biggest challenge was incorporating European myths of Halloween into the enviroment of a tropical forest without sounding incongruous – what you hear here is a small part of the end result !

Also thanks to Quikquak for providing effects software for the installation.