Magik Door is a Studio with a difference. Producing some of the world’s most cutting-edge audio including interactive 3D sound (Max Msp) and Visuals (Touch Designer) we have a fully equipped 48 channel surround sound studio for creating immersive content and a smaller digital studio. We like to combine the latest cutting-edge development in digital audio with classic vintage analog equipment.

Our studio design philosophy is simple:  to have extremely hi-quality and accurate monitoring and a very well-treated room. Both our studios boast a frequency response of +/- 2.5 DB and a very even Time response across all frequencies easily surpassing BBC Control room and Mastering room requirements. To put a long story short – if it sounds good in our studios – it will sound good everywhere else too.

Studio A


Studio A

48 channel surround sound and bespoke sound for DBAP, Ambisonics, Atmos, VbAp and bespoke 3D audio creation



Custom Build ATC SM-75  and Tad TL 160A Woofers


Yamaha NS10



Blue Sky and Acoustic Energy Surrounds

Headpphones :

Seinmheisser HD600

Beyer Dynamic Overear

Desk :

Allen and Heath GS3000

Conversion :

RME Multiface

Motu 24 AO

Outboard :

Korg analogue Tape Echo (Stage Echo)

Quasimidi Quasar


Behringer Neutro

Teisco 110F

Roland SDE 2000

TC Electronics M-one

Studio B


Genelec 8330A and 7350A sub

Conversion :

RME Multiface

Cymantic Audio UR24

Control Surfaces:

Faderport 8, Akai APC Mini (*2)

Software (Both Studios) :

Protools, Nuendo, Cuabse, Reaper, Ableton Live, FLStudio, Max MSP, Waves Plugins, SugarBytes, Valhalla , and many more.

Video and visual software :

Touch Designer, Resolume, Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas, Others on request


Yorkville, Turbosound, EV