Mi Mundo

Foir this production we created an immersive  swirling surreal tunnel of home office immigration legislation, a park , a tube journey a cityscape and many other immersive soundscapes for Terranovas production “Mi mundo”

“Charlotte Bosanquet (Set, Costume, Props) and Augustine Leudar (Immersive Sound Artist) do a stunning job with stagecraft that leaves the inhabitant feeling strained and off-balance. The audience shuffles between lines on the floor and squeezes into a narrow corridor obedient to directions you don’t entirely understand. Assaulted with recorded voices, the sense in them lost as more and more information is overlaid, and finding yourself following the same route again and again, you feel a psychological sympathy with Joaquin and Lucy’s struggles with the ouroboros of immigration law. A system that was designed to be broken, deportation by despair.”