Our brief from the Shangri la team was to create an unusual multichanel soundscape as part of Glastonburys, Shangri – Las “Shafterlife” and covered hundreds of meters of corridors known as “The Alleys” , this was contemporary take on Dantes inferno – a counterculture, tongue in cheek social commentary designed to hold a mirror up to the very strange times in which we live .  The sounds of ,very, strange birds flew round the corridors and there many different zones of sound which the audience could walk around . The alleys also featured many performers and art installations from a diverse group of artists including an ironic shop selling bling and clothes – which only the most astute observer would realise was a joke.  This is a small animation that shows speaker placement and a hint at some of the sound worlds involved


We also delivered “Heaven” a surround soundscape around a garden and yurt in a secret location in the festival.