An artistic ethos and manifesto

1. Creating dreamlike and altered states using emerging technologies.

To create surreal installations and experiences that trick the human mind , creating illusions, altered states and dreamlike experiences for the audience

2. Integrated Reality

Virtual and Augmented Reality presents some extraordinary possibilities and can help the environment by reducing the need for us to fly and drive physically to meet each other and therefore using more resources. But it has some disadvantages as well, and technology is developing in such a way as to separate people from the physical world around us. VR completely separates you from the physical world with a headset, even most forms of augmented reality require a device such as a screen, glasses such as the hololense or a phone. The obvious trajectory for the development of these technologies would be neural implants which could present significant problems both neurologically and for the environment.  Integrated reality, a term we coined a few years ago, makes an important distinction it includes technologies that are built into the world around us, such as hidden speakers, projection mapping and glowing objects and more,  a hybrid reality that incorporates emerging technologies but which requires no device to be worn or carried. We feel a world in which VR space works alongside rather than replaces the “real” world is a balanced way forward.

3. Using emerging technologies to connect us with nature

With increasing numbers living in cities, using emerging technologies we are becoming more and more separated from nature. This has obvious implications for the environment and biodiversity. We are committed to creating extraordinary experiences for people outdoors in ways that integrate emerging technologies with the natural world and increase people’s appreciation of it rather than distance us from it.

4. Preserving ancient skills and traditions.

Ancient skills such as storytelling have existed for millennia and yet are disappearing with the advent of new technologies. We aim to incorporate ancient art forms and skills into our installations to help preserve ancient traditions. For example a storyteller in a forest might have the story embellished with 3D audio sounds emanating from the environment.

5. Whilst the emerging technologies used in creating artworks may provide temporary novelty value, we maintain the long-term value should be the art created by the technologies, the content, not the technologies themselves, otherwise, artwork is reduced to a series of passing fads that are quickly rendered obsolete as technology advances. In the same way with traditional visual art, the focus is usually on a painting, not the materials the canvas is made from or the type of paintbrush the artist used.