Eden Project – Biomes at night

A multichannel sound installation covering over 4 acres of tropical forest in the Tropical Biome at the Eden Project, UK.

This was the largest indoor multispeaker sound art installation in the world. It covered several acres inside the Eden Project’s Tropical Biome (the largest captive rainforest in the world) through which the listener walked. The installation immersed members of the public in both the real sounds of the rainfores tas well as mysterious and magical sounds inspired by the mythology of the Amazon rainforest. Many speakers, both large and small, were hidden in the bushes. The sounds of insects were dispersed around the biome by the leaves of the vegetation and the calls of animals and thunder echoed around from discrete speakers. The thunder was of particular interest – the recording of which involved holding a metal microphone up to record the incumbent storm in Laos (maybe not the wisest of ideas) where the lightening was striking about five meters from where we were stood. The subsequent recording was played through a large P.A. high on a hillside within the tropical biome and confounded security guards for days who swore there was a thunder storm going on nearby but couldn’t work out why there was no rain!

And so it was decided to repeat the experience. It was to be the beginning of a series of large scale sound installations at the Eden Project, the next one being the “Heart of Darkness“.

This time the rainforest not only had sounds of the rainforest but actors, storytellers and scientists waiting at different points along the walk who engaged members of the public.

The first instance of the sound installation was an impromptu test run for one night only. The reaction of the public was extremely enthusiastic read their comments here :