Garden of Membranes


Garden of Membranes was a miniature multi-channel sound installation which revealed hidden processes latent in the biosphere, and was a combination of science and sound art. The installation consisted of a miniature jungle which had a number of tiny hidden speakers within it. The sounds coming from the tiny jungle were part composition and part sonic map recorded in the Amazon rain forest.

An art & science fusion: La Clandestina Festival of Contemporary Art, Santa Cruz, Bolivia, 2014, Naughton Gallery, Belfast, 2015 . Read newspaper article here (Spanish)   Newpaper article

The sounds had been recorded by placing a number of microphones in locations deep in the jungle and this sonic map was then recreated with speakers in the same relative positions (see fig. 1). Miniature birds flew from tree to tree and tiny animals could be heard crawling through the miniature jungle (fig. 2). Electrical signals present in plants known as action potentials triggered sounds revealing the hidden world of plant bio-electrics to the viewer. This scientific element of the installation is the result of Phd level research into plant electrophysiology.